Benefits of Using Glo for Yoga Online


What is Glo?

Glo is an online service that allows users to do award winning yoga online. Hundreds of accredited teachers have one (or several) classes featured on Glo. There are classes for both beginning yogis as well as those who have been practicing for several years. Additionally, there are advanced courses that can be purchased separately. These are specifically tailored towards advanced techniques and some of these classes even begin teaching users how to teach yoga for themselves. This feature alone is one of many that sets Glo apart from other platforms that provide yoga online.

Glo has been featured in several massive publications, such as Forbes and Time magazines. With hundreds of classes to choose from and an inspiring manifesto, this is hardly surprising. According to this manifesto, Glo wishes to create tools that help users invest in themselves and create their best version. They also acknowledge that yoga is not only a form of exercise but also a mindset. Thus, Glo offers meditation classes in addition to Yoga, Pilates and other lifestyle lessons. This helps users develop not only their physical forms but also, their minds.

Competitive pricing also sets Glo apart from other services that offer yoga online. For only $18 per month, users can access unlimited yoga classes from accredited yoga instructors. On average, specialized yoga facilities cost upwards of $100 a month. Online classes can also be more convenient, as they can be done whenever and wherever. There is no travel time required and doing yoga within one’s own home is far more private. Finally, Glo classes are significantly more specialized and tailored to the individual than those that are offered at commercial gyms. This allows users to build muscle and strength much faster than they would in commercial classes.

Building Muscle and Strength with Yoga

As stated previously, classes with Glo allow users to build significantly more muscle and strength than they would in non-specialized yoga classes. This is true for several reasons. Firstly, many of the instructors at commercial gyms don’t have as much yoga experience as the teachers featured on Glo’s platform. Additionally, teachers at commercial gyms must cater to an entire class of people, with a wide range of skill levels and abilities. Conversely, with yoga online, users can focus on the aspects of their yoga practice that most need improvement. This allows users to progress faster, as they can always focus on their weak points.

Since Glo is essentially an individual yoga class, Glo users can build muscle faster than they would at most other yoga classes. Yoga builds muscle in a unique way, differing from traditional strength training. By using the body’s weight and strength against itself, yoga can generate muscular growth in a safer and healthier way than weightlifting. Glo can be done individually at home, which also protects users from sometimes toxic gym cultures. Finally, each Glo user will have differing muscular structures. Glo’s several tools will help users identify which muscles are falling behind, so they can be focused on accordingly.

In conjunction with muscular growth, Glo can also promote increased strength. Like muscular growth, this can occur in a safer way than other types of training. Since yoga uses a minimal amount of equipment, the cost of working out at home is lessened if using Glo. Thus, unlike other forms of trainer, the barrier to entry with online yoga is impressively low. All of the teachers with classes on Glo focus on helping users develop proper form, to help ensure that no injuries occur in the training process.