Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Digital Marketer

Freelance Digital Marketer

Businesses are now focusing on building their online presence. That is why digital marketing jobs are here to stay to here and will continue to grow. You can work from anywhere as a digital marketer. Now is the best time to become a freelance digital marketer. Remember, there are both advantages and disadvantages to becoming a freelancer. It is essential to learn the advantages and disadvantages before you make your final decision.

Advantages of Becoming a Freelance Digital Marketer

Freelancing is becoming more popular for good reason. Digital marketing encompasses various digital marketing activities, such as email, search engine optimisation, social media and more. You will have to explore the different areas. You can focus on content creation, advertising, search engine optimisation, brand management, etc. It is, therefore, easy to find a perfect niche for you in the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing provides diverse career paths for freelance digital marketers.

Here are the advantages of becoming a freelance digital marketer:


Freelancing gives you more freedom. You will choose what to work on, where to work and when to work. You will have the freedom to choose the hours you work and the projects to work on. Do you have kids? Are you a student? Or do you have another job? Do not worry. Why? You have the freedom to set your own schedule. You will, therefore, work on your projects when you are free.


Freelance digital marketers can work on all types of projects and work for many clients. Digital marketing gives you access to all types of industries and various niches. You will meet clients and customers from all types of industries. It is daunting to work on various projects. However, working on these projects can be exhilarating. Luckily, you will not be forced to work on multiple projects at the same time. You have the chance to set your own pace.

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Disadvantages of Becoming a Freelance Digital Marketer

You may decide to become a freelance digital marketer because of the freedom it provides. Also, if you want to become your own boss, you can become a freelance digital marketer. However, there are also disadvantages to becoming a freelance digital marketer, including:

No Face-to-Face Meetings

However, some people work well with other people. You can perform your digital marketing job virtually. You do not have to go to the office. You will mostly communicate through video conferencing platforms. Therefore, the lack of face-to-face meetings can discourage some people from becoming freelance digital marketers.

Unpredictable Income

In some cases, having a regular 9-to-5 job is safe. Your income is predictable. You know who you work for and when you go to work. And a 9-to-5 job is also more secure. However, some people do not want a regular job. If you decide to become your own boss, your income becomes unpredictable and unreliable. You will have to work hard to keep the cash flowing in. And it is imperative to build a diverse portfolio. You can work on multiple projects and work for several clients. Freelance digital marketers, therefore, do not always feel secure. They have to keep working to make money. If you stop working, you will not make any money.


The competition is very stiff. Freelancers are willing to work hard to land high-paying projects. You will have to prove yourself to get the best jobs. It is challenging to prove yourself. It can take time and lots of effort to grow and build your experience on your own. You may have to spend more money to learn new skills.