List of Top NDT Companies


Infrastructure development is the topmost priority of any industry which wants to perform well with the companies in the neck. For that, the machinery, construction and installation of all the solid components need to be perfect. These machinery are primarily made of the stock materials and raw materials. So these materials are needed to be tested in order to inspect the quality and durability.

The Top NDT Companies or Non-Destructive Testing Companies compute the physical properties of a material with a negligible ratio of damage.

The technology used in Top NDT Companies is of very high quality and it saves a lot of time and money. To promote this testing method various firms and companies have come up and showed their excellence in this field.

Underlaid are some of the top NDT companies-

NDT Global Pipeline Inspection
Started in Canada NDT Global is a supplier of ultrasonic pipelines onshore and offshore. It provides services like crack inspection, defect inspection, metal loss, defect assessment, fitness investigation. It comprises a team of experienced project managers and data analysts. The efficient engineers find it was easy to test materials in an economical way. It offers solutions for segments like pipeline crack inspection, pipeline corrosion inspection, pipeline integrity assessment, geometry and deformation inspection, pipeline mapping, pipeline cleaning and preparation, offshore in-line inspection, a specialist in-line inspection, and pipeline design and feasibile.

Morgan Ward NDT
With 50 years to its existence, it still continues to be one of the most influential and leading NDT company. Having its base in the United Kingdom, Morgan Ward has a vast range of industries both in the UK and abroad. It has a team of highly skilled and efficient professionals who tend to offer the best quality service and inspection. It provides services to various branches of engineering. The services offered by Morgan Ward are Bond testing, dye penetrant testing, eddy current testing, eddy current array, ELCH testing, magnetic particle inspection, radiographic testing, ultrasonic inspection, thermography inspection, pulse thermography, visual inspection.

Intron Plus Ltd.
Founded in 1988 by Prof. Vasily Sukhorukov, it is the first Soviet private company in the field of  NDT. Soon within a year it recieved its first export sales of eddy current probes to Fischer GMBH. It also commences training of foreign customers. Its areas of interests are Non-destructive testing of steel wire ropes, non-destructive testing of steel cord conveyor belts, non-destructive testing of floor and wall of above ground storage tanks, and non-destructive testing of the copper layer in printed circuit boards.

Creaform Inc.
The Canadian world-class company excels in providing 3D engineering services. Its products are used worldwide by more than 2500 clients from various recognized industries such as automobile, manufacture, research and education etc. apart from this CREA has NDT solutions for pipes up to 18m in length known as NDT pipeline inspection for oil and gas industry. It includes a 3D scanner and pipe check software. It saves both time and money without compromising diagnosis results, public safety and integrity assessment.

It also has tested for aircraft manufacturer known as NDT surface inspection for the aerospace MRO industry. It offers a simple, user independent and accurate NDT  solution, which includes a 3D scanner and SmartDENT 3D software. This solution saves both time and money without compromising on diagnosis results and safety.

Although there are a lot of Top NDT companies competing with each other these bases have found their edges to a new level.