All you Need to Know About Removal Companies


Over the decades, the removals industry has gained a slightly tainted reputation, mainly due to the groups of men who were out of work and decided to buy an old lorry and become removal men. Homeowners do not regard moving costs as they would a home improvement, and therefore are attracted to cheaper quotes, after all, there isn’t much to it, is there?

Organisation and Preparation

These are the two qualities one needs in order to carry out a successful move, and regardless of the amount of items, or the location, if the packing has been done correctly, and the removal team is experienced, there’s little that can go wrong. The packing is the key to a successful conclusion to the project, and if you are going to use a professional company to handle your relocation, make sure to have them do the packing, as it makes it so much easier, and safer.

Storage Facilities

There are frequently times when the move cannot be completed in a single day. This could be due to the new property not yet ready for the handover, and any reputable removal company would have their own temporary storage facility, and your valuable possessions will be safe under lock and key until the move can be completed. If you live in Easy Anglia, and are moving home to Bury St Edmunds, there is a well-established company who also have storage facilities.

Public Liability Insurance

Any reputable remover would have full PLI cover, which easily surpasses the value of your possessions, and although the team is very experienced, accidents can happen, so it is nice to be covered for any eventuality.

Association Membership

If you are based in the UK, only deal with a company that has membership with the British Association of Removers, which is an esteemed organisation that sets very high standards, and many companies fail to make the grade. Any company that is a member would use ethical business practices and would be very efficient in their approach to work, so look out for this on the company’s website.

Hidden Charges

Be very careful if you receive a quote that seems too good to be true, as it probably is. Some unscrupulous people will offer a very low price, to be sure of getting the contract, only to add a few extras when it comes to paying the bill. A reputable company would be transparent in their pricing, and even if they had to incur additional costs, they would never pass that on to the customer, as it is unethical.

If you hire a local company, they will have a sound reputation in the area, and as bad news travels fast, any unhappy customer would be damaging for the business. Not only that, a local company would not have to travel far to be at your house, and this helps to keep costs down. An online search would likely put you in contact with the right company, and the relocation will be a pleasant experience.