Why Every Londoner Should Volunteer in Cleaning The Environment


More than 18 environmental groups in the UK have urged the UK government to deal with the rampant growth of packaging and waste management in the country in 2018. They push the government to set up legally binding targets in the wake of the astonishing waste and recycling statistics published by Defra. The campaigners stated publicly that the government should get drastic on plastics. This was after the study revealed that there was a down surge of packaging and waste recycling levels in 2016 compared to the previous three years. In the country, up to 71.4% of packaging waste gets recycled; however; still, there is an increase of the trash that ends up in landfills, which accounts for up to 446,000 tons since 2013. This is a clean 15% increase since 2013.

Campaigners from environmental groups such as Friends of The Earth, Marine Conservation Society, WWF, and Greenpeace urge the government to execute radical and decisive action on single-use plastics. This is the main culprit seeping into food systems and a notorious one chocking the oceans. A recent study released by Defra reveals that plastic waste is only one part of the issue. The recycling rate in the country is dwindling by the day, and it is feared that Scotland, England and Northern Ireland could fail to meet the 50% target of recycling rate by the year 2020.

Every year, millions of tons in plastic waste from homes and businesses in Britain end up in dust bins throughout the world. Most of these comprise of packaging waste which is sent overseas to be recycled into new products. However, there is much evidence that most of it ends up being dumped in Malaysia and Turkey, The Guardian reports. In 2017, The NAO said that households and businesses used a staggering 11m tons of packaging waste in the UK. Out of these, only 64% was recycled, raising eyebrows on just where the rest ended up in.

Is it essential to clean up the environment?

It’s important to know that the exterior appearances of our residential premises and businesses are just as important as the interior. It is therefore important to keep streets clean and appealing. Street sweeping improves the aesthetics of our neighbourhood, but also it reduces the chances of accidents.

Environmental sustainability is vital since it helps prevent climate change and prevent global warming. One way of attaining environmental sustainability is thorough cleaning and starting many rubbish removal London exercises. Starting even one such as Clearabee is the first step in maintaining a clean, green environment. While it seems simple and yes it is, it is a vital way to improve a healthy environment.

A community clean up drive brings together volunteers to repair, clean and improve not only public but also residential spaces. Other areas such as abandoned properties, misused or vandalizes, and vacant lots also benefit from these rubbish removal London groups.

Benefits of Clean Up Drive

The main objective of a cleanup drive is to reduce waste in the environment and to have most of it, such as metal and plastics recycled or be put to better use. Some of it is sold to junk shops. Rubbish removal London litter picks such as Clearabee sell the recyclable materials and use the money earned to buy tree seeds or plants to plant in the surrounding. Every Londoner should be helped to stay clean. On the other hand, the surrounding should be beneficial to everyone living in London. The environment should be full of trees and free from the trash.

Rubbish removal London is essential as it makes a strong statement that residents and businesses should reuse and, or recycle waste. Therefore, people should go the Clearabee way and volunteer to keep the environment clean as, in the end, we all depend on it.