Types of PR Jobs in London


Public relations is a field that has recently gained recognition in the UK and the world at large. The surge in PR jobs relates to the increased need for businesses to connect with clients, especially on social media platforms. Ideally, PR jobs aim at having someone represent a company in good light to the public. Here is a detailed guide to the best PR jobs in London. 

Different Types of PR 

Companies need to listen to different views from various stakeholders. As such, the diversity of opinions leads to different types of PR jobs. Here some of the different categories of PR jobs. 

  • Social Media Management

Social media platforms allow customers to interact with their favourite brands. It is the only place where a company responds to a single client and the world gets to see. Many companies have done meaningful business online through good public relations. It is no wonder that companies opt to hire social media managers to handle all online queries in a professional and timely manner. 

  • B2B PR jobs in London

The other category of PR jobs in London is the B2B category, whereby, a business tries to sell its products and services to other companies instead of focusing on individuals. There exist many B2B PR agencies in London that consult on behalf of other companies to help them realise more profits and a good reputation. 

  • Communications PR jobs

Communications PR is a vital part of any organisation that understands the importance of its reputation. The aim of having a communications PR team in a business is to ensure there’s an able team to handle a crisis. Besides, communications also involve speaking the company’s vision and upholding its image at all times. If you have excellent communications skills and are a trained public relations specialist, then you can be rest assured of high demand for communications jobs in London. 

Choosing PR Agency Jobs in London or In-House Opportunities

Most people get torn between seeking a job in an agency or with a specific company immediately after graduation. Well, each has its pros and cons depending on your preference. If you prefer working on one particular project for a long time, then opt for in-house jobs offered by companies in London. 

However, if you love challenges, diversity, and vast experience, PR agency jobs allow you to work on different projects daily. PR agencies work for many companies; therefore, the employees in these agencies handle different queries every time. 


Public relations jobs are a demanding yet rewarding role that allows companies to have contact with customers and other stakeholders. Besides, it is the only field that enables firms to handle any crisis and reputation. PR jobs are available in the areas of communications, financial PR, social media.