5 essential aspects that matter for your Decatur divorce

Decatur divorce

Divorce is an emotional decision, and while the consequences are large and can impact family relationships, there are multiple legal elements to consider. Before you start the process in Decatur, you have to take time to know county courts work and the overall nature of family laws in Alabama. In this post, we discuss five essential aspects that matter for your divorce.

Legal representation

You may assume you can represent your side in the proceedings, but working with a Decatur divorce lawyer offers several benefits. Besides ensuring all the paperwork is done right, attorneys also advise clients on significant things and guide them in resolving conflict. If you are in a contested divorce and want to consider mediation, your lawyer will be your trusted resource.

Child custody

How you speak to your minor child about the divorce can impact their well-being. It is imperative that you be cautious about child custody. Do not act in rage, and consider what may work best for your child. If you were primarily responsible for your child’s overall care, fighting for child custody is necessary. However, consider every detail, including the need for your spouse as a parent, before you make a decision.


Your financial situation may change with the divorce. If you don’t earn enough but have a certain standard of life during the marriage, speak to your attorney about alimony. Spousal support is dependent on several factors, including the number of years you have been married and income disparities. An attorney can tell you if you qualify for that.

Marital assets

In states like Alabama, where the assets owned by the separated spouses are divided equitably, there are some exemptions. If you are someone who has high worth and owns significant properties and investments, you should let an attorney, along with a financial advisor, guide you on how to proceed. Marital assets include your family home and anything you acquired during the marriage.


People often look for love when the marriage is over, but that could be a big mistake. While dating is not illegal, there are serious consequences, especially when your spouse is unlikely to simplify things. Try to avoid that, and if you are already in a relationship, consider keeping things private & discreet. Do not post anything on social media, and ensure your lawyer is aware of that.

Find a divorce lawyer in Decatur today and discuss all things before moving head.