The benefits of using a PPI company before the deadline


You may have heard of the news around mis-sold PPI’s and people claiming for compensation if affected. If not, it is certainly something worth getting to grips with. Payment Protection Insurance was something that a lot of people were unwittingly mis-sold when taking out financial products like credit cards, loans or mortgages. If you have entered into an agreement with a financial provider for this type of service in recent years, then you may be eligible to claim for compensation too.

Before you begin to do all the hard work of checking and preparing a claim yourself before the 29th August 2019 deadline, take a step back. It can be far better to use one of the reputable PPI claim companies around to do it for you.

But what advantages do they offer?

Access to specialist knowledge

Although the concept behind claiming for mis-sold PPI is fairly simple, the actual process involved is often not. Perhaps the main reason to apply via a professional PPI claim firm is that they have the specialist skills and knowledge needed. They will have vast previous experience of handling claims, the terminology involved, the law around PPI and reviewing claims to see if they are viable. The layperson in the street does not, which could leave you open to costly mistakes if handling a claim personally.

Saves you time

Another major reason that many people use a PPI claims company is the amount of time they save you. Very often, you may not even remember if you were mis-sold PPI or what financial products it might have affected over the years. A PPI claim company will take over the time-consuming process of checking this out to see if you have a claim. Making the claim itself if eligible can also take up lots of your valuable time. Once more, using a claims company takes this burden off you as they will complete the application on your behalf.

Much less hassle

As well as saving you time, going through a professional PPI claims company makes the whole process much smoother. With none of the hassle around dealing with your original financial provider or filling in complex forms, you can simply wait for your compensation claim to be settled. Compared to handling it all yourself, it is much more relaxing.

Professional support throughout the process

One benefit that many people claiming PPI through a reputable external firm love is the level of support they get. Instead of dealing with everything on your own with no-one to ask if you get stuck, the support a PPI claims management company provides is superb. They will always be on hand to answer any questions and listen to any concerns you have.

As you can see, there are lots of compelling reasons to let an external PPI claim management firm handle everything for you. Their experience of handling claims and getting results for their clients is something not to be ignored. If you haven’t yet put a PPI claim in before the August 2019 deadline, why not think about going this route yourself?