Scoop Hire : Construction Equipment for Hire In Melbourne Australia

Construction Equipment for Hire In Melbourne Australia

Smaller construction projects indeed have very unique and specific requirements simply based on the fact that the scale of the project is minimised. Due to this, using standard large as house excavators become very impractical which generally demands for the hire of raw labour. This will only make the project cost ineffective, not to mention inefficient.

Hence most construction companies with lower levels of working capital are rendered as unable to be able to compete with larger companies. This is because larger companies are able to purchase the equipment that they need almost at will or are if that is not viable, they have access to loans from financial institutions due to the size of their assets.

Scoop Hire was established to bridge this gap and even the playing field for construction companies of all shapes and sizes. Scoop Hire understands the heavy influence that R.O.I (Returns on Investments) has on construction companies with regards to buying equipment such as excavators that cost a bomb or even mini excavators or Cormidi mini dumpers based on the fact that the cost is not justified based on the returns of a single project.

It is due to this reason that our company was built on specific business drivers that allow us to support the construction industry players by providing them with a specific range of construction equipment that are costly but critical to smaller construction projects on hire.

Some of the equipment that we have to offer are listed below, and believe us when we say that most-smaller construction companies would be better off hiring equipment such as mini excavators and mini dumpers rather than buying them. All items listed below are available for hire at daily, weekly or even monthly rates and complete with drop off and pickup services completely free of charge (terms and conditions apply naturally).

Kubota 0.8 T Excavator for Hire – Suitable for projects that have little space to work within. The 0.8 T Excavator is perfect for plumbing, electrical, trenching and landscaping jobs. Daily rates for the Kubota 0.8T are $230/ day and rate is $200. This rate also applies to the Kubota 1.7 T excavator.

Kubota 2.5 T compact excavator hire which is popular among independent construction outfits is given out for hire at a daily rate of $280 per day followed by a weekly rate of $240 per day. This machine is perfect machine for jobs that deal with limited space.

For bigger jobs that require more power on demand the compact and powerful Kubota U25-3S excavator is recommended as this machine does not just tackle the issue of congested and tight worksites at a rate of $330 Per Day and at a weekly rate of $280/ day, it also has a lot of power and versatility to offer.

Another all-time star from the Kubota range is the Kubota 3.5 T excavator (class 4). A zero-swing excavator that tackles just about any task in almost any condition, for info on prices and services just visit and get rolling today!