Online Tools To Help Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Businesses are driven by productivity and the entrepreneurs look for ways to improve their productivity. One of the best ways to do it is by taking the help of the online tool. From doing a conference with the team for designing a new concept for online events, these tools will help you to reach your goals seamlessly. Here’s a look at the tools below.


Connecteam is an app for business that helps employees to communicate and clock in. This app is the best for the remote staff who are yet to join the office or for the employees who are working from other parts of the country. These people can upload files, view checklists and work schedules, train new joiners and create informational libraries. 


This is another valuable resource that helps business owners to save whilst conducting important meetings and conferences. The online service of Uberconference allows a team to meet without travelling to different destinations. No time is wasted due to travelling and people can discuss face to face via a desktop, but strategic meetings managment (SMM) has changed a lot recently; it’s important your up to date.


The use of sticky notes has become quite popular. These sheets can be placed on any surface, enabling a person to see the list of activities that he/she has to do. The usage of paper has reduced with the introduction of Mystickies. You can create more and more notes that will appear on the screen when you will navigate through various portals.


To keep all the business data organised, you can opt for Cyfe. This gives you access to keyword rankings, Adwords metrics, dashboard and social media forums Widgets from Shopify and MailChimp further allow you to put the information on the dashboard that you want to see. By keeping all the data in one place, it becomes easy for the entire team to find out what they need. To discover more about how Cyfe’s dashboard organizes data, visit this website:  

Office 365

Microsoft’s product, Office 365 has an array of upgraded features that let you manage emails, share files and conduct meetings for online events. Initially, you can choose the Business Essential package and later move on to Premium to enjoy features like, HD video conferencing and Microsoft Office suite.

Online tools have helped many business owners to stay in touch with the employees, clients, stakeholders, customers and more. A business is driven by collaboration; hence, constant communication is required for improved productivity. Start using these interesting business tools and make your employees work together