How paper cups replaced breakdowns of plastic cups


Apart of paper cups, you can see varieties of plastic cups everywhere. People who drink a hot or water in plastic cup, they will reuse the same cup by wash. You can see lots of germs travels from one person to another through these plastic cups or glasses. But when you wash paper cups, there is no infections might affect anyone till now. It is extremely eco friendly use compared to plastic ones. So, if you want to drink hot drinks, choose paper coffee cups only. You can get these cups from many factories in and around today. These cups usage is found in almost every locality.

Let’s discuss in detail about why paper cups usage demands more compare to plastic ones:

Generally the first and foremost priority is given to paper cups is bio degradable. It is disposed very quickly compared to plastic. In fact the life span of decomposition of plastic takes years of time but paper takes days of time once got dissolved in water. Moreover one has to remember that washing paper coffee cups for reuse is not entertained frequently. According to reports, it suggests that washing under running water is not advisable. Even though paper cups helps you to conserve the environment after reuse or recycled. It is not possible with plastic usage.

Consumption of energy in producing plastic cups is less in producing paper cups:

When producing plastic cups, it requires very less energy to manufacture it finally compared to paper cups. You can even see the carbon footprints of plastic cups never show much impact as well as its consistency is very less and tiny than paper cups. Of course, even energy is less in plastic but the impact of its risks on further is higher and it is not seen in paper cups at all.

Wild animals affect more with these plastic cups thrown into the environment after its use:

For example if the wild animals are eating the plastic cups waste that got found at dump yards especially. Later on, they certainly lose their lives very soon. This impact is more now where it is only eradicated by stopping this plastic usage especially drink cups like that.

Finally according to consumer’s interest, they widely prefer paper cups to plastic ones only. It is environmental friendly, pollution free element and you can see the vast benefits of decreasing the waste that are decomposable. You evenly helping the further generations to get rid of plastic usage and saving number of wild animals in this regard.


Here discussing about paper or plastic cups that holding with hot or cool drinks is relied with its own significant benefits. For example, you can come across at marriages, functions, ceremonies etc people hold both plastic glass filled with water or cold drink and tea paper cup too. Some people prefer paper usage but some may compromise to plastic ones only. But according to health and for conserving environment, referring paper cups are much beneficial to plastic ones.