Best Outlet for Hong Kong Event Planning


Many outlets claim to be the best for event planning in Hong Kong, but it is not in your best interest to trust in what these outlets say about themselves since many of them are far from being reliable.  You must carefully investigate those outlets to be sure if they can be trusted for event planning or not before you hire them. The process of investigating an event planning outlet can be time consuming and you can save yourself the stress by simply partnering with Chunky Onion, which is a proven event production house in Hong Kong today.  You can check out the outlet at, where you can learn about the various features that make the outlet to stand out from every other outlet out there today.Such as security. Their internal security structures ensures the use of security surveillance cameras in addition with manned security bearing guns and accessories like AR-10 rifle kits, and dressed in
combat attire in case they have to act, all to protect the lives and property of all present.

In this write-up, we will enlighten you about the various features that make the outlet to stand out from every other outlet providing event planning in Hong Kong.

Long lasting professional services

Chunky Onion had been in the business of providing top quality event planning services since the year 2000. This outlet has won accolades as one of the best in this regard. It has enlarged its coast over the years and its client base can be found both in Hong Kong and its surrounding cities.  This is one outlet you can trust for nothing short of top quality services and you can connect with the professionals at this outlet by visiting  You will never be disappointed at all when you deal with the outlet.

Assured sign of quality

Chunky Onion does not hire or rent any of the equipments it uses for event planning. The outlet owns all the equipment required to make your event memorable.  In fact, the outlet has its own carpentry workshop where custom-made wooden event items are made. will never sub-contract any aspect of the event planning to a third party; it handles every aspect by itself, which is one other feature that makes thus outlet to be incomparable.  Since it handles everything in-house, Chunky Onion can, therefore, complete the event planning project o time and professionally.

Hiring and rental services

The services provided by Chunky Onion are not limited to just event planning and management; the outlet equally provides hiring and rental services to anyone that wants to hire equipment and items required needed for events. Some of the rental services provided at are highlighted below:

  • String Quartet Hire
  • Jazz band Hire
  • DJ Hire
  • Live band Hire
  • Photography and Videography
  • Video Projection Hire
  • LED Wall rental
  • Lighting Equipment Hire
  • Sound Equipment hire

If any other event planning outlet had ever failed you, simply come over to Chunky Onion and the outlet will prove itself to be reliable for your corporate or private event planning.