What is van wrapping?

van wrapping

Van wraps as vinyl stickers that are attached to the body of the vehicle. The wrap can be used on the entire body of the vehicle or it can be partly wrapped. Van wraps are generally used as decorative for commercial vehicles, as signage and advertisements. Part-wraps are the substantially cheaper option.

Van wraps can be customised based on the company specifications. Ask the vehicle wrapping company for the specific requirements and they will get the design based on your specifications. But it is extremely important to check with the company for the copy of file or printing processes that they use before you let the design be applied to the vehicle.

Generally, the businesses owners use the van wrapping process as the advertisement of their product and services, the branding of the company. Hence the van wrapping can include the name of the company, the logo, website address and telephone number.

When you send the design and image that you select to the wrapping company, ensure to include the original photo files, and the altered images, if any. Though the van wrapping company has a photographer to help you in taking images of the required design, it is always recommended to hire a professional photographer to get the job done efficiently.

Make sure to check the colours of your design. If replicating the already existing van design, ensure to have a check of all the patterns and colour combinations to copy the exact image to the new vehicle. Check the version of the image on the computer or photo-shop app, though there could be a slight variation on the final product.

The van wrapping company will also have designers to help you with designing the image or graphic if you’re not confident in designing yourself. Alternatively, you can hire an independent designer to get the design done professionally.

Note that the durability of the van wrap depends on the type of wrap you have selected. For instance, a block-colour vinyl could last longer than digitally printed vinyl. This is because the chances of digitally printed vinyl wrap fading over time are higher.

The benefit of using van wrapping is that it is a flexible material. The van wrapping can be easily removed in case you don’t like wrapping or selling the van. Hence, van wrapping is considered the ideal solution for seasonal promotion. And the best part is that you can easily do this yourself. Click here to know more about van wrapping.