Vip Amin amongst uSwitch names investing in Turkey’s EnCazip comparison site


EnCazip Turkey is the first energy comparison site in Turkey, it allows consumers to compare the tariffs on offer by different energy suppliers and enables consumers to switch to a cheaper provider.

Among its investors are the founders of the first energy price comparison site in the UK – Capitalising on the same concept of helping consumers to compare prices, switch suppliers, and save themselves money, one could argue that it could prove to be a promising investment prospect in one of the largest emerging markets in the online world.

As a company spokesman explains: “This partnership is one that we are all very excited about, as it offers the chance to combine EnCazip’s innovative product with the experience and knowledge that our foreign partners have accumulated over the past two decades. Together, we believe we can place Encazip as the leading energy price comparison service in Turkey.”

20 years of experience 

The extent of this experience has been widely documented, with the founders possessing 20 years of industry knowledge, gained through business holdings in numerous countries.

They intend to put this to use working alongside EnCazip, with the intention of giving consumers the most up-to-date electricity prices to help inform their decision-making. This will allow individuals to change their supplier, in a way that benefits them by helping to save money on their bills.

The site has already had some success in Turkey’s electricity sector, with EnCazip aim being to encourage competition amongst suppliers, as they look  to make their products more attractive to maintain their competitive edge.

This is the same principle that the uSwitch team, including Vip Amin, Andrew Salmon, and George Mountbatten, applied in the UK, to create the leading energy switching website in the country.

Following the model popularised by uSwitch, EnCazip has also opted to make its comparison service free of charge, offering impartial comparisons that benefit the consumer.

An opportune time 

Like Vip Amin, Andrew Salmon, and George Mountbatten before them, the EnCazip team chose to launch their website at just the right time, when changes to Turkish energy laws mean that more consumers than ever before have the chance to change their energy suppliers.

Like their predecessors, they have picked their comparison platform with care. With the internet fast becoming one of the most popular places to shop for electricity providers, they did what the team did before them and used this as a means of connecting with consumers.

This is no mere coincidence, but inspired by EnCazip’s partners. As a company spokesman said : “Our British partners have over 20 years of experience in this business, and we capitalised on this by transferring their knowledge and understanding of the electricity industry overseas to the conditions in our own country, to create a platform that is most beneficial to the consumer. Our goal, like their goal before, is to not only find the cheapest tariffs, but to ensure that competition in general develops, ultimately benefiting consumers.”

On the basis of their success so far, plus the proven prior success of their investors, EnCazip is confident that this is an ambition they are more than capable of achieving, and since partnering in 2015, they have already gone a good way towards developing their site and engaging wider audiences.