As obvious as it sounds, the best way to communicate with your staff is to keep it relevant. You need a platform, which can run on any device, that will profile and group individuals into a specific bracket.

This allows for effective targeting when it comes to communications. The method of communications can be in any format: video, newscast or a general announcement. As long as the message is relevant to the employee you are targeting, that will be seen as a redeeming feature in employer/ employee relations.

Recognising Talent and Rewarding

One of the best ways in keeping dynamic staff and outstanding team members is to recognise achievements and reward them accordingly. It will also help you to attract the right talent, as word will surely spread to other candidates for key roles going in the business.

Benefits Connected to an Employee’s Lifestyle

A gym pass, tickets to the theatre, a sporting event or a team building exercise like go-karting? The HR department should get to know an individual and the lifestyle they lead. Benefits can then be rewarded in accordance with those needs and desires.

Help Employees to Save

Financial protection is an excellent way to reward staff. Using a platform like Flex Genius a business can offer flexibility and choice over how much salary should be saved and any other restrictions of withdrawals.

Health Education and Counselling Advice

There are few things in life that are more important than one’s health and wellbeing. Flex Genius is a platform where staff can schedule in important meetings with a health advisor, counsellor or simply to have some therapy for back pain.

Helping Employees with Education and Advice

Providing education to employees often rewards the company with huge benefits. Staff members are motivated with more experience in their roles and can often become better at the job with instant results.

Among the more popular courses and educational streams that can be offered are Web Building, Coding, Language Learning (French, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Italian are popular linguistic choices) and Accountancy packages.

It is prudent to find out what the employee actually should learn. For example, if the staff member is working in the Bought Ledger department, then an accounting course would be a best fit for the employee.

The Flex Genius application also displays a Total Rewards Statement. This statement is personalised and lists all the appointments and achievements relating to that one staff member.