Top 4 Common Myths Around Partner Visa You Have Believed In


Are you planning to shift to Australia to stay with your partner? That seems to be the right decision, but you have to go through a thorough visa application process before getting the grant of staying together as partners. It’s the Australian partner visa you should apply for.

However, a lot of people tend to take the partner visa on a very light note, and some of them even remain under several false notions regarding this visa. Before you go ahead, appoint a partner visa agent, you must unveil the truth hidden under the related myths.

Take a look at some of the most common ones in the following section.

Myth 1: “I have married an Australian citizen, so I don’t need a partner visa.”

That’s the most common statement, rather misconception, the partner visa agent comes across. Whether you have married an Australian citizen outside the country or in the country, you have to file for the visa application, just like any unmarried couple would have done. Of course, being legally married will give you some advantage with the paperwork.

Myth 2: “All I Need is a Joint Bank Account Detail and the Marriage Certificate as Documents.”

The right document submission is undoubtedly the most crucial part of any visa application process. And, if you have been thinking that submitting the documents proving that you have a joint account or your marriage certificate will be enough, you are indeed living in a bubble. Don’t forget to consult with your partner visa agent for knowing about the documents you will need to submit.

Myth 3: “I am not eligible for a partner visa because my partner is still married”

You may be in a relationship with your partner for quite a long time now, but you have not given a serious thought about moving to Australia just because you believe in the myth that you might not be eligible for that. Of course, that’s not true.

It does not matter whether you or your partner is still in a marital relationship or not. According to the partner visa agent, if you guys, as a couple, can show enough evidence of your ongoing relationship for at least 12 months along with the prospect of the same, your visa application will get approved.

Myth 4: “I will get a refund if my partner visa gets rejected”

This is an entirely false notion that you might have believed in. At first, get to know the partner visa agent fee and then apply for the visa. Secondly, don’t expect any refund if your visa gets rejected as it is a rare case not only for a partner visa but for any visa in Australia.

It’s evident because, in most of the cases, the visa gets rejected because of the mistake in document submission or lack of evidence. So, don’t ever expect to get the money for your partner visa back after rejection.

So, these were some of the most common misconceptions that people are applying for a partner visa usually buy. It’s always wise to stay away from such myths and consult with the right agent for smooth visa approval.