Moving Boxes in New York City


When we move in, the first obstacle that appears is how to organize and store our belongings…We usually look for cardboard boxes here and there, otherwise, we have to pack our belongingson plastic bags, but that’s not the best option as you can imagine…

Setting up for the right packing/boxes can be the most important thing to save some time. If you manage to keep your belongings organized, you will avoid a few headaches when arriving at your new home or office.

You can also save somemoney by getting organized ahead because fewer boxes to store, pack and transport might reducethe quotes to be received from moving companies.

In NYC some stores are specializing in every type of box that can be used for moving, they can even be purchased online and can be reused for various purposes after the moving process, you can even use it to keep your personal objects organized in the garage for example.

The plastic boxes come in sizes and have dividers that help you choose what will be kept in each box to be preserved.

However, the effort of buying boxes is not enough if you just throw everything inside and close it. Changes are an excellent moment for reflection, where we can have contact withall of our personal objects and, therefore, we can analyze whether we are going to donate or throw something away or even if we are going to keep it.

If this is your first time moving, some tips can be crucial, for you to make your move more organized.

To transport glass and other fragile items, it is best to use Styrofoam or bubble wrap, pack them well and note that they are fragile items that require care. Makeup items also demand care not to break and spread, they can stay in the styrofoam and be packed one by one. Still talking about fragile items like glasses, you can also use your socks to protect them from breaking.

A point that always brings some stress is the electronic items that we usually leave configured and adjusted in a certain way in our home and when we move, we don’t know where to connect things anymore. You can easily solve this by taking a picture of all the settings.

Why should you take things out of the drawers and then put everything back when you reach your destination? Don’t do that! Simply leave things in the drawer and make the move by packing the drawer.

Sandwich bags are also a good option when we pack, especially small things that cannot be lost. Jewels can also be stored in egg cartons so they don’t get lost.

Create a color code for each box that goes to each room, red for the kitchen, yellow for living, for example, it is easier to identify where each box will be.

If you are going to carry something in suitcases always use its wheelsas they are easier to transport.

Of course, you can always pick up the traditional cardboard moving boxes nyc, but remember the more organized your moving is, the less headache and work you will have in your new home.