How Excel Automation Could Help Your Business


Running a business takes up a lot of time, and if you have a lot of data to manage you might find yourself caught up in an endless cycle of mundane tasks. If you’re looking for ways to free up your time for more important tasks, Excel automation could be your answer.

What is Excel Automation?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool with features many people don’t know about. One of the most time-saving of these features is automation. Using this feature, you can teach Excel to automatically complete complex, time-consuming tasks like formatting or generating reports so that you can focus on doing more important things. To see how it could help your business save time and money take a look at the benefits of Excel automation by The Excel Experts Consultants.

Using Macros for Automation

It’s easy to get started using Excel automation. Simply open your Excel sheet or create a new one and enable the Developer tab. Click Record Macro and then create a keyboard shortcut and a name for the macro. Once that’s complete, you can record the steps you want to automate. Excel will track everything you type or click. Once you’re done completing the steps, simply save the macro, and then run it when you need the task to be completed. It’s as simple as that.

What Automation Can Do for Your Business

Automation means that you don’t have to spend any time generating reports, creating charts, or doing any tedious tasks like formatting rows or data. One example of something you can do with automation is highlighting certain rows of data, which can make your spreadsheet much easier to read and interpret. You can also highlight cells with misspelled words, which saves you time on proofreading and error-checking. Excel doesn’t have a proofreader like Word does, so this feature will save you valuable time on proof-reading and error-checking before you present you spreadsheet to others. You can also build a report from external data and design it to refresh at an interval you choose. That means that you don’t have to worry about manually updating your sales reports every day or every week, Excel will do it for you.

Automation in Excel is a valuable feature that frees up your time and increases your overall productivity. You can use it for data already stored in an existing spreadsheet, or for new spreadsheet data. And Excel’s built-in macro recorder means you don’t have to program the macros yourself, simply go through the steps you want Excel to do and you’re done.