Great Trophies And Medals in Events


Since ancient times, awards have been given out as a token of appreciation and for acknowledging the victories gained from hard work or competition. Giving out awards is always something fun to do but not the easiest thing to organize. Some people find it a challenge to think of good awards to give, how the trophies and medals should look like, and how many should be given away.

The only easy thing is the reason for giving them, which is none. Awards like gifts can be provided for every occasion, special or ordinary. It’s the intention behind it that matters. Most of the time, these award medals are given during special events – anniversaries, in particular, seem to be the most popular venues for award-giving ceremonies. Companies always give out service awards during their companies’ anniversary or sometimes during the boss’s birthday.

Some people, however, prefer to give out customized and funny awards during theme parties, more commonly during Olympic-themed parties. They either act as prizes for winning party games or given out as the highlight of the event to deserving recipients. Whatever the reason, awards are intended to make recipients feel good, loved, and appreciated for their hard work.

Coming up with customized award medals these days is easy, especially when you go online. You can either go to sites that make personalized awards, trophies and medals like, which offer loads and loads of designs you can choose from. The beauty of sites like these is that they take care of the bulk of the work and leave you to pick and choose then pay. You can have your custom awards and trophies delivered in as fast as five days, barring any corrections to the text or designs you chose.

You also have the option of designing yourselves by using new plastic medals that you can get from any toy or party supplies store. You open the medal and with a felt-tip pen, write down the category and winner’s name, or you can slip in a printed medal design and voila! Your very own medals to hand out as prizes or tokens. Going online will allow you to access instructions or tutorials on how you can create your medal designs with software like Adobe Illustrator, allowing you to come up with a brilliant design in as short as 30 minutes.

You can also try being crafty by making your award medals with some hardening modeling clay, pencil, and glue. Measure and cut out three even pieces to serve as first, second, and third-place medals. You can get the correct size of the medal by measuring it against your chest and using this as a guide to adjust the size according to the winners. Using your pencil, boreholes through the pieces for the ribbons, then wait for the clay to harden. While waiting, you can start working on the ribbons, which should measure about 30 inches in length. Paint glue all over the length of the ribbon then set aside to dry.

When your clay pieces harden, you can start painting them, and they don’t necessarily have to be gold, silver, or bronze. Once everything is dry, you can thread the ribbon through the medals, ready to be given out.