What to Look For When Sourcing a Business Loan

It is obviously essential to have the funds to start a business enterprise, and for some entrepreneurs, it represents an enormous hurdle that can seem insurmountable. Of all the areas of finance, a new business startup offers the most risk on the lender’s part, and with no accounts as of yet, there is little for the lender to measure your business. The Internet has changed the way we live and if a person wishes to find a business loan, a Google search would be the perfect place to start.

Online Business Loan Providers

There are some finance companies that focus on business loans, and if you can find one that has a history of helping small businesses to get off the ground, your search should be over. Wherever in the world you live, you can search online and once you find a potential lender, simply select a few options on the pre-approval form, click on submit, and you will have an answer within 5 minutes, and that is a round the clock service.

Fast Online Approval

Once you have created your business plan, and have a firm figure in mind, this is the time to seek out the funding, and you really can do without waiting a week before getting the application approved, which is why an online provider is your best option. Within 5 minutes, you can receive a pre-approval notification, and then it’s just a question of document verification, and once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, the money would be transferred.

Flexible Repayment Options

While the business does need adequate funds, the repayments should be such that the business will not suffer, especially during the first year of trading, when many new ventures fail. There are many expenses for a young company, and this means things can be rather tight, especially if customers are slow to pay their invoices, and having a flexible loan repayment package enables the business to make changes, should it become necessary.

Minimal Paperwork

Some finance companies want to see absolutely everything, with business accounts, bank statements and other documentation, yet some only need to confirm that the applicant has a regular income and a satisfactory credit history. A new business, for example, would have no accounts as of yet, and might not even be registered as a company, but with minimal evidence required, approval is quick and the funds are typically transferred on the same day as the application is made.

Unsecured Loans

Ideally, you want to find a loan provider that does not require security, and they only want to know if the loan is for business or personal use, so you do not need to accumulate a mountain of documents and statements. Online pre-approval is very quick, usually within a few minutes, and once pre-approval is given, all you need to do is read and agree to the terms and conditions.

If you need a business loan for a start up, or to tide you over until all the invoices are paid, there are online services that are both quick and easy to apply for, and an online search will take you to the website of a reputable business loan provider.


Instant Cash Loan – The Basics

Our current repressed economy has created a nation of people increasingly finding themselves in a destitute financial situation. An instant cash loan (also known as a payday loan, cash advance, or a no credit loan) is a quick and easy way to take care of financial obligations in difficult times. Get your pikavippi heti now. Candidates can process debt online with very few restrictions. In the hours following the application, the average person can expect the funds to appear in his bank account.

Instant payday advance loans have become popular since-The application process is very fast.

– Almost everyone is qualified.

-Two dollars are fast.

Small disasters can be resolved in the short term (eg Auto Repair, Overdraft, and Illness).

Despite the ease of obtaining these loans, not all money advance lenders are equal. Any short-term loan credit will be wise to “shop around” for the best deal rather than getting the first loan offered. All options must be considered; and with the convenience of the Internet, it should not take more than 10-15 minutes to find a lender with more to offer. It is important to note that some payday lenders offer interest-free loans to new clients.

Borrowers should look for low rates, reduce penalties, no processing and formality fees, easy payment, and no hidden fees. It should start with a hard look at your income versus the cost of the debt. The loan cycle that people earn usually starts with the borrower who does not increase his income or reduce his expenses before paying the loan. Another trap is interest rates that are at 30% or higher. Borrowers should try to keep the interest rate around 15% to avoid fever bleeding.

Almost all payday loan brokers have the same requirements for a loan. The first qualification is to have a minimum monthly income of $ 1000 and have a current account. Credit checks have never been done or considered in these types of loans. Instead, lenders will base the qualification for a loan through these standards: – and at least 18 years of work for a minimum of 3 months – a minimum of 1 year of experience in the industry working in you – have a current account become a US citizen

Despite their convenience, instant loans are not instant solutions for all short-term problems. Carefully considering all options can lead to a debt cycle almost impossible to get out. Never borrow more than is necessary. Contact us for your pikavippiheti today. The larger the cash loan, the more interest there should be.

A borrower should consider his income level before enrolling in any of these cash loans. Almost all payday lenders require a loan to be paid in full by the borrower’s next paycheck. If the lender borrows more than what is going to be in the paycheck, then he will eventually take on extra debt to pay the first. Or if the borrower does not take into account what other payment obligations pay before the loan ends in the same result: another, and more expensive, loan. Borrowers should also strive to repay their loans on time. Default loans go to a new loan with additional fees, penalties, and interest. And the new loan is due to the next paycheck. This is how cruel cycles begin. This is why it is always better to consider payday loans as a system of last resort.


Understanding How A Payment Bond Works

A construction project is a complex job which involves massive investment. Also, there are several third parties involved in a typical project. These include people such as sub-contractors, material suppliers, and laborers. Since the stakes are high, contractors need to secure the projects with some kind of surety. Performance bonds and payment bonds are two main kinds of surety bonds used in the construction industry. Performance bond is a bond whereby a surety (insurance company) guarantees the completion of the project by the principal (contractor) to the obligee (project owner).

All About Payment Bond

The other kind of bond is the payment bond. This is surety bond which ensures that subcontractors, material suppliers, and laborers are paid according to contract. It is a contract between the principal (contractor) and the surety (insurance company). The third party providers are the beneficiaries who can claim compensation on the event of non-fulfillment.  It is mostly used for public sector construction projects, where mechanic’s liens (security interests) do not apply. Payment bonds typically accompany performance bonds. In fact, they are even found on the same bonds form. Both of them are meant to protect the interests of the obligees (project owner or third parties as the case may be).

The purpose of the payment bond is to reassure the third parties working on the contract about the timely payment for them. Normally payment and performance bonds work together, in the event of non-completion of the contractor. In case the contract is not fulfilled according to the specifications mentioned therein, the surety has to pay damages to all the demanding parties. When the contractor fails to pay the subcontractors, suppliers and laborers, they can claim their dues directly from the surety.

Cost of Payment Bond

As said before, payment bonds are usually bundled up with performance bonds, though they may be taken individually too. Like the performance bond, the contractor need not purchase it in the course of bidding process. He has to submit it only when he wins the bid and gets the project. The bond specifies the amounts to be paid to the subcontractors, suppliers and laborers and also mentions the timelines. The premium ranges between 1% and 2% when the two bonds are issued in conjugation. However, the cost may vary on the basis of the credit history and market standing of the contractor.

Claims Against Payment Bond

There are a number of formalities that the obligees have to complete before filing a claim against a payment bond.  They need to file a preliminary notice within a specified timeframe after completion of their work on the project. The specified timeframe depends on the regulations laid down by the state where the contract is carried out. The claimants have to be very particular about this otherwise the claim may be rejected. Once a legitimate claim is made, the surety has to compensate the claimants. The surety is entitled to receive this amount back from the contractor.

Getting the right surety provider enables the contractors to fulfill their bond requirements effectively. Professional providers can simplify the task and make it hassle-free. To know more, visit


Consolifi- Tips to Improve Your Financial Position

Like most people, you may feel money is always a bone of contention especially when you face a cash crunch from time to time. In such situations, you often regret the decisions you took on spending more than your actual earn. You even go to the take short-term loans to tide over the shortfall. However, in the process you end up accumulating debts. This causes you more stress as personal credit scores being to deteriorate. However, prominent financial experts specializing in this field point out that with a little bit of self-discipline with regards to your money matters, it is possible for you to improve your finances.

Consolifi – 4 Key tips you can adopt to improve your financial situation

Consolifiis a prominent private-owned company in America specializing help people from diverse backgrounds eradicate their accumulating debts and improve their finances. The specialists of this corporate enterprise point out the 4 important tips you should consider to improve your present financial situation:

  1. Set goals you hope to accomplish

The first step towards improving your present financial situation is to know your objectives. You need to visualize how you see yourself 10 years from now and set your long-term goals accordingly. You need to take the initiative to strive to accomplish them one at a time so that you can provide a financial secure future for people close you and yourself.

  1. Formulate a budget

The next step is to chalk out a budget to know how much your income you are presently earning and current expenses. For this, you need to make a list of all your incomes and calculate the total sum of such earnings. After this, you need to identify all the costs you need to incur in a particular month and determine its value. The difference between the two figures should tell where you presently stand.

  1. Monitor your monthly expenses and income

After preparing a budget, you next task is to identify areas where you can curtail certain unnecessary costs which you are incurring. This can go a long way in stopping you from overspending. At the same time, you need to look into areas where increase your income. Also try to make it a point to keep aside at 15% of what you earn every month. Such a step can go a long way in helping you transform you present financial situation.

  1. Make it a point to prioritize your debt payment

Accumulating huge debts is a major obstacle in attaining financial security. However, you can overcome this situation by taking the initiative to prioritize your outstanding liabilities. You start by repaying dues on your credit cards which charge the highest interest by doubling the minimum monthly payments. Once you have become successful in clearing such debt you should move over to the next one and adopt the same procedure.

In order to lead a financial secure lifestyle, you need have adequate amount of money at your disposal. However, like most people, you sometime make impulsive purchases where you suddenly face a cash crunch. In such circumstances you have no option but to take loans to tide over the shortfall. However, the financial experts at Consolifisay it is possible to overcome this situation by keeping in considering the above 4 important tips and implementing them to improve your finances.


What Is The Interest Rate And Benefits Of A Doctor Loan

Being a doctor is not everyone’s cup of tea. Constant running around for surgeries, addressing patients and what not, the schedule can be really hectic. Having such a busy life, you might surely not have time to arrange funds, if stuck in an emergency. However, you can opt for loans. Since you are a physician, you can surely opt for a professional loan option – A loan option which is tailor-made for doctors.

What exactly is a doctor loan?

A Doctor Loan is a tailor-made loan option for doctors, understanding the needs and requirements of the doctors. However, the loan option offers an amount worth 3 Crore. Which means, the loan caters different needs as it provides three mortgage options: a personal loan, business loan and home loan. Now, since the loan amount is huge, you can easily finance your needs. Besides, the loan process is also quite simple and does not involve any hustle.

Doctor loan interest rate:

The interest rate is the most important factor when it comes to loans as it determines your repayments. However, a doctor loan charges 14% to 16% of the interest rate on the amount you borrow. Now, the EMI that you pay will, however, depend upon the amount you are borrowing and the tenor that you are borrowing it for. Besides this, the doctor loan also offers you an easy repayment option; which means you don’t need to stress or worry about the repayments. You can easily use the flexible repayment schemes offered by the NBFCs.

Since the loan option is tailor-made, there are a variety of benefits and schemes offered by the doctor loan for a medical professional.

Benefits of doctor loan:

  • Quick loan:

Besides easy repayment, the loan option also offers easy application process. All you need to do here is visit the website of your lender and apply for the loan. The website will have a special doctor loan section which will not only help you with the application, but it will also have the answer to all your queries.

  • Documents:

Unlike other loan avenues, a doctor loan does not carry any hassle when it comes to documents. Usually, people often get their loan application rejected as they fail to submit some. In this case, you won’t face the same problem. The lender will ask you very few documents to submit, however, the documents are quite a selective one. You will have to submit the KYC (Know Your Customer), address proof, signature proof, medical registration certificate, PAN card, IT returns & balance sheet & P/L account statement for the last two years and a copy of property paper to be mortgaged.

  • Fast approval:

Since you are a doctor, you know the importance of time and so does the financial institutions. And that is the reason why the loan gets approval within 24hrs. However, this can save you a lot of time as you can directly dive into the loan procedure.

  • Hassle-free process:

The entire loan process is simple and hassle-free. The loan does not ask you to wait for a long time or indulge yourself in a complicated documentation procedure. The loan process is easy and quick as the financial institution knows how valuable the time of a doctor is.

When fulfilling your responsibility as a doctor, you can equally manage your financial needs. However, a doctor loan can not only help you buy a house or manage your personal finance, but instead, you can also upgrade your office and purchase some latest equipment which can help your clinic or hospital financially, since the loan offers many benefits and an easy repayment option.


Understand Bike Insurance Before You Start Regretting

Have you ever wondered why your bike insurance plan fails to deliver? You did the needful and bought an insurance cover, but at the time of a claim, you only got a fraction of what you hoped you would get. Why did this happen? Well, the answer is simple – you bought the two wheeler policy without understanding how two wheeler insurance works. Take a look at the common bike insurance misconceptions to avoid making the same errors in the future.

8 common misconceptions about bike insurance

Listed below are some of the most popular two wheeler insurance myths:

  1. The pillion is covered automatically: The pillion rider is not automatically covered under a bike insurance plan. To get a cover for the pillion, you need to purchase an add-on along with your base plan.
  2. Every plan is the same:You may have been told that every bike insurance plan is the same. But this is highly incorrect. There are two different types of bike insurance covers – the comprehensive cover and the third party cover. Go over the covers and understand how they work. Then, choose an appropriate plan for yourself.
  3. Every single add-on is useful: This is also a myth. There are many different add-ons available. All the add-ons may not be of use to you. If you buy too many add-ons, your premium payable will shoot up. So choose the add-on wisely and stay protected in a wholesome manner.
  4. Credit score impacts the premium: No, it does not. If you have a good credit score, you cannot expect to get a discount on your bike insurance premium. A good credit score helps you get a lower interest rate on your bank loans, but when it comes to insurance, there hardly is any impact.
  5. NCB is lost when you switch insurers: NCB is a discount that you earn for not making claims on your bike insurance plan. It is a valuable reward that you must be proud of. It is your right as well. So don’t worry, you will not lose your NCB when you switch between two insurance providers. The NCB gets carried forward and you can expect a discount from the new insurance provider as well.
  6. The lowest cover is sufficient: This is also a misconception, and a dangerous one too. You need to get a sufficient bike insurance cover to ensure your vehicle, you and also the third party insurance is adequately covered. This will help you get the best results from your two wheeler insurance policy.
  7. Insurance provider can’t be changed: If you are unhappy with your insurer, you can very well change it. If you feel your present insurer does not offer the best features or you feel their customer support is poor, please go ahead and change the insurer when you renew your bike insurance plan. There is no penalty involved and you can easily switch insurers in bike.
  8. An insurance agent has the best plans:This is the biggest bike insurance myth that you will come across! In today’s highly digitalised world, the online space has overtaken its offline counterpart. So the bike insurance plans you get online are way better than the offline plans. An agent may sell you a plan for his or her own benefit. Also, when buying offline, you end up paying a high brokerage amount. You always find the best bike insurance plans online as you can compare the options, make an unbiased decision and also pay a lower price.

Here’s a quick way to solve the bike insurance problem

Bike insurance is not rocket science and you need not repeat the same mistakes every time. All you have to do is understand how bike insurance works and then get the right kind of cover for yourself. Also, you need to stay far away from the misconceptions surrounding bike insurance. Once you do that, you will have a clearer picture and will be able to find the best and the most suitable plan. Your bike is very precious to you. So you need to find a good insurance cover for it. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and the job of finding a good bike insurance plan will become easier for you.